Online and Digital Services :

_ Online registration
_ Online programs (either by way of an application or via a paperless congress)
_ Online documentation (Surveys, Certificate of attendance, Invoicing etc.)
_ E-posters (rather than printed)
_ E-signage (including way posts, name tags, and room signs)

Food Management
Symporg takes great care when placing its catering orders to ensure that no food is leftover

_If there is left over food we provide it to charitable organizations

Waste Management

_ Re-use of lanyards and badge holders for future conference
_ Recycling of paper, glass, aluminum, PET and other waste
_ Left over congress bags are provided to charitable organizations




1. Geneva based company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

2. Business concentration and expertise in PCO services and Association Management 
assures the highest quality of service.

3. In-depth knowledge of facilities located in and around Geneva

4. Proven track record delivering high-quality and tailor-made professional congresses 
/events of all dimensions in Switzerland and other numerous international locations.

5. In-depth knowledge and expertise in managing scientific/medical congresses and events.

6. Multi-cultural and multi-lingual staff with worldwide experience and professionalism.

7. One Congress Manager (CM) is solely dedicated to your project and will see it through 
from start to finish as well as guide you through the various stages of planning the event.

8. Cost efficient minded, delivering you the highest quality event at the best prices based upon your budget.

9. State-of-the-art event software that allows us to manage your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors with the utmost efficiency.

10. High quality and professional client service provided by our dedicated staff.