Frédéric Hohl - Owner

Frédéric has been active in the organization of events and conferences for almost 20 years. He held positions as the director of the Geneva Festival from 1997 to 2000 and the director of the Swiss national exhibition Expo.02.

Furthermore he was the director of 3 hotels in Geneva and Crans between 1990 and 2004 (Savoy Hotel, Hotel England Hotel Mirabeau).

His knowledge of the hospitality industry is a definite asset in the relationships Symporg builds with various community stakeholders in Geneva.


Bertrand Joehr - Managing Director

Managing Director of Symporg, Bertrand is involved in the congress business since 2010. Before that, he has been active for more than ten years in the music field (organization of concerts and festivals) as well as in private and public events from 100 to 40’000 participants.

His organization skills are a real asset to Symporg, congresses being the most complex and challenging events to organize.


Elisa Laget - Senior Project Manager

Elisa is working for Symporg since 2010. She holds a degree in Tourism from the HES-SO Valais/Wallis.

She is now senior project manager and, with her experience, coordinates and organises several congresses per year. Elisa particularly has a fondness for the medical congresses. She is a reliable and qualified congress organiser.


Noelle Rentsch - Project Manager

Noelle has been with Symporg since 2011, taking a one-year break to complete her Executive MBA in Hospitality in Lausanne in 2013. 

She brings an international flair to the team, having lived in Hong Kong, Sydney, Vienna, and New Delhi. For Noelle, a conference is an excellent opportunity to bring people together to create opportunities and synergies.


Madelein Hohl - Accounting Manager

Madeleine is working for Symporg since 2010. She Manages and oversees the daily operations of the accounting department.

Her responsibilities include establishing financial status by developing and implementing systems for collecting, analyzing, verifying and reporting information of your conference. She has a high attention to details and accuracies.


Vanessa Mezzanotte - Accommodation Manager

Vanessa is working for Symporg since 2014. Her experience in the accommodation management, as she worked for an important hotel group in Geneva during 7 years, is a real added-value.

With her social contact, she always get good partnership with the hotels. Nothing is impossible and she will always find the way to satisfy everyone.


Valentin Cugni - Accounting Assistant

Valentin has been working for Symporg since 2015. He began a one-year internship in the accounting department. 

Nowadays, he still in the same department but with more responsabilities. He manages the general accounting of Symporg with interest. He therefore looked forward to staying as long as the whole team!


Anthony Disner - Event Manager

Anthony Disner has a solid experience as a project manager and has led more than thirty events, including the organizing committee of the 2015 Fête Romande de Lutte Suisse,  Maradon 2013 and 2014 and in charge of numerous private and public projects. He was last year project leader of the Fan Zone Footarena, the largest in Switzerland.

His main strengths are excellent communication with all types of interlocutors, adaptability above average, and strong organisational skills .


Laetitia Picard - Project Manager
Elaine Sartor - Project Manager

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